Real Estate Insurance

First, we find the holes in your real estate insurance policy.

The Aegis Group has developed broad and inclusive prowess in creating risk-management strategies for investors in residential real estate, particularly in multi-family housing. And all our work begins in discovery.

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In housing, it’s what you don’t see.

Habitational real estate insurance policies run for hundreds of pages, creating the perfect hiding places for details that could later scream financial pain.

Residential development in multiple states only compounds the worry.

In multi-family housing, we’re looking under the carpet.

Aegis will review all of your current assets – their policies, the exclusionary and endorsement language, statements of values, and on. And on. You’ll know exactly where you stand. And then, precisely where you should be standing.

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As a real estate investor, you need to know where the walls are.

We will work to secure you and your investments in housing with coverages ranging from builder’s risk to business interruption. But please know that protection and coverage are not always the same.

Aegis will protect you.


100% of businesses that come to Aegis have coverage items they don’t know about.

Know Your Coverage

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