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Hotel Insurance and Risk Management

Hospitality risk management and insurance can have overwhelming implications when it comes to the trust of your customers. Your guests expect privacy and security for their persons and their property. We’re here to strengthen relationships with customers – new and old.

You will find that Aegis is disciplined, informed, driven, focused, and very quick in our resolve.

Hospitality is your business, insurance is ours.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, no industry has suffered more than hospitality. The lingering effects of domestic terrorism, cyber assault, and risk management are now factors in every key function of your business.

Aegistics: building operational infrastructure for hospitality enterprises.

Your risk management strategies must play into the balancing act between safety and customer service. Aegis will help focus your resources on the risks most capable of impact on your guests and profitability.

We leverage insurance coverage for your assets, workman’s comp, employment practices, and hazardous situations of any kind – all as we help you guarantee a safe and productive work environment.

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Are you prepared for a digital fight?

Hospitality Insurance For The Digital Age

The hospitality industry is under assault via the technology that you and your guests depend on. Every day, computers, networks, software, and even the devices of your guests are under attack – opening your operation up to vulnerabilities of every kind.

The bad news

The frequency and the costs of data breaches have become a plague on your industry. And cyber insurance has now become an absolute.

The good news

Aegis has the tools to manage  risks from all of the unforeseen predicaments caused by digital attacks on your operation and reputation.

Aegis is in your corner, and we never back down from a fight. Ever.