Insurance Risk Management

Stop. Look. Learn.
It's What We Do.

Risk Management begins and ends in details. The tiniest of details can carry overwhelming financial importance.

We Are The Aegis Group

Insurance Brokerage & Risk Management Specialists

Our brokerage service covers personal and commercial lines of insurance.

Multi-Family Residential Real Estate

We will work to secure you and your investments in housing with coverages ranging from builder’s risk to business interruption.

Healthcare Risk Management

Aegis will be working to help you avoid losses and expenses that could diminish profitability.

Long-Term Senior Care

With almost 10,000 Americans turning sixty-five each day, we can already anticipate the burgeoning need for senior care.

Executive Risk Management

As an executive or family business, you face potentially damaging risks. Aegis is here to help you manage those risks.

Insurance contracts do not bend.

Before we bind your coverage you’ll know what we know.
And we’ll know it all.

Whether Aegis gets the business or not, you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Andy Frieze Chief Executive Officer